*Arko "vom Butjenter Land"

Date of birth: June 4th 2003
Hips: a fast normal, Zuchtwert 94
ED: 0 (normal)
Title: AD, BH, SchH 3,
show rating: VA (Belgien and Denmark 2006)
breed survey: KKl 1
Owner: Uwe Wienbarg and Eckhard Brickwedde
Arko is living with Eckhard in:
Lange Wand 21, D-49134 Wallenhorst
For more information
please call Eckhard's phone: +49 (0)0151 126 32 203
                email to Eckhard
Pedigree Körschein
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  • video of Arkos progeny ( Tobby v. Arlett)
  • Ricarda and Arko
  • Video, protection work and stand Ulm 2005 new
  • Arko gaiting
  • Arko in the progeny group in Ulm 2005