About us

The kennel name "vom Butjenter Land" could be translated as being from the Butjenter Land, which would point at the northern coast of Germany. The kennel exists since the 13th of december, 1963. Our place of living is located on the halfisle of Butjadingen; its inhabitants call themselves "Butjenter".
The number of litters has stayed relatively small, we preferred to work with the dogs.
Doris´ first dog was a mix-bred of Boxer (Sir) and german shepherd (dam). This dog was not suited for complicated performance tests, so she decided trade him for her first german shepherd dog "Wacho von der Weserbrandung". Wacho, called Rex, was an exceptionally bright dog and won many championships and cups on division level.
Doris und Rex auf einer Ausleseprüfung
On this picture, the judges congratulate Doris (with Wacho von der Weserbrandung) on a division cup.
Many breeding females of our own kennel have been trained by ourselves. Of those, many reached the SchH 3 (an official test, max. level: "3"). The most successful was Karin vom Butjenter Land (succeeded: SchH 3, FH, INT); Date of birth: 2nd of May, 1970.

Karin "vom Butjenter Land"

Karin vom Butjenter Land, she was a Quanto Wienerau (VA) - daughter.
Grandfather: Sirk vom Busecker Schloß
Great-grandfather: Bernd vom Lierberg (VA)
Karin has been trained by myself (Uwe). She became an exceptional working dog and won many cups, achieving top grades.
Her best grades:
SchH 3 294 Points   (V)
FH 98 Points   (V)
INT 323 Points   (V)
Wir ueber uns  
On this picture, we can see Uwe Wienbarg with Karin vom Butjenter Land, accepting the victors´cup. We had to wear official clothes back then...
On shows, I have presented Karin myself, an external leader (leading the dog in the show ring) and other helpers had not been necessary. She has managed to reach top positions (grade Exceptional) nonetheless, even on division level. With the help of (the male german shepherd dog) Hasso von der grünen Laterne (VA) she has brought forth the top-working dogs Tasso and Tizian vom Butjenter Land. They were quite hard, but nice to their owners, of course.
Tizian reached the 7. place at the Bundessiegerprüfung 1976.
Our jobs caused us to end breeding activity in 1982. Most of our dogs were sold, and we soon ended up having no dog at all. We managed to live this way for another ten years. In late 1992, we bought a male whelp, which only lived one month. He fell ill on Tetanus and died within one and a half week. Following him came other german shepherds, which we had equally bad luck with. Our bad luck ended with our current breeding females.

In 1996, we bought our current estate (see here) which included several acres of land. That gave us vast possibilities for breeding and training dogs.

On 31st of August, 1999 Rieke v. Butjenter Land was born being the only puppy of the litter. Of course we kept her for breeding. Rieke has an outstanding pigment with her head almost all black which she inherited from her mother Rena v. Haus Licher. On shows she only made highest ranks. She had exceptional offspring: I.e. Arko vom Butjenter Land which was used for breeding. In 2006 he received V-Auslese 6 in Belgium and V-Auslese 2 in Denmark. From the same parents came Flipp v. Butjenter Land. He became Vize-Junghundsieger in the German Siegerschau 2006. This year (2007) Rieke retired. We now continue breeding with her sons and daughters.
Our goal is to breed striking, healthy and workable dogs, which radiate personality and love for life and therefore bring joy to the whole family.